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International Exlibris Centre Sint-Niklaas
Sint-Niklaas 2009 bookplates and small printmakingcompetition rules

The Participant
1 The participant must be born before 1991.
2 Recent Town of Sint-Niklaas Award winners will not be eligible for another money prize for the next two competitions.
3 Jurors, I.E.C. advisory board members and Sint-Niklaas Municipal Museums employees may not take part in the competition.

The entry: bookplates or other small printmaking
Types of prints: Exlibris/bookplates and other types of small prints are allowed.
Dimensions: The combined image and text of each print must not be larger than: 13 cm x 13 cm. The support upon which the image is printed may not be larger than 20 cm x 15 cm. The illustrations must be two-dimensional.
Not allowed: Pseudo-exlibris for fictitious or deceased persons or using names of celebrities who have not given their authorization.
Out of competition: Illustrations dedicated to a juror.
Possible types of small prints: An exlibris/a bookplate.An exlibris or bookplate is a property mark for books. The name of the holder/owner should be mentioned, together with the fact that it is their property, by mentioning "exlibris", book of",.... The decoration or illustration accompanying the text is related to the name, personality, occupation, identification, preferences, interests, etc. of the owner or their personal books.Other small prints such as : an ILLUSTRATION, a TOPICAL PRINT, ...
The topic: The prints submitted will refer to or be inspired by the topic THE BOOK and/or SAINT NICHOLAS.
Mounting: The impressions may not be framed nor be mounted on a secondary support.
Use of texts: When using texts in non-Latin characters or in a language that is not Dutch, French, English or German, the print should be accompanied with a translation or explanation in one of the languages mentioned.
Date: The participating prints need to have been designed and printed in 2007 or 2008 and are not allowed in any way to refer to any other competition.
Printmaking techniques: All graphic printmaking techniques, also including mixed media printmaking techniques, original photographic and digitalcreations, capable of producing an edition of at least 5 equal impressions of good quality, are accepted.

Manner of submission
1 No more than 3 different entries per participant.
2 Participants must submit 2 original and identical impressions of each entry.
3 The entries are delivered to the International Exlibris Centre at the expense of the participants.
4 The participants are not entitled to any form of payment or compensation.
5 The entry must be accompanied by a clearly filled-out entry form together with information about the prints and about the maker of it (in Dutch, French, German or English please).
6 The entries must be sent in before November 1, 2008 to the following address:
Internationaal Exlibriscentrum Stedelijke MuseaInternationale tweejaarlijkse exlibris en kleingrafiekwedstrijd Sint-Niklaas 2009 Zwijgershoek 14- B-9100 Sint-Niklaas (België)


1 All copies that are sent in are and will remain the property of the International Exlibris Centre.2 The International Exlibris Centre reserves the right not to include the prints that are sent in its registered collection.3 By participating you agree with the reproduction of the prints that are sent in.

Exhibition - Printmaking Biennale 2009
1 A selection of the prints submitted will be exhibited during the 24th Printmaking Biennale in 2009 in Sint-Niklaas.
2 The participants are hereby invited to attend the announcement of the competition results and opening of the exhibition on Saturday, April 18, 2009 (to be confirmed, cf. http//www.sint-niklaas.be).
3 All participants selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue. The other participants who submitted a valid entry may also request a catalogue, shipping costs at the expense of the participant.

The Awards
1 Awards for technique: Town of Sint-Niklaas Awards for three different types of main techniques: €1.250 per prijs.
2 Award for Young Talent: Victor Stuyvaert Award for a participant under 30: 750 EUR.
3 Prijs voor een thema: Saint-Nicholas Society Award for the topic "Saint Nicholas": 500 EUR.
4 Special exlibris awards: Town of Sint-Niklaas Award for the best exlibris: 1.250 EUR.Leo Winkeler Award (in association with Graphia): 500 EUR.Graphia Award: 250 EUR.Royal Society of Former Students of the Atheneum (KVKOAS) Award: 250 EUR.
5 Award Ceremony: The jurors may decide not to grant an award.

The Jurors
6 The town of Sint-Niklaas board of Burgomaster and Aldermen will compose the jury.
7 The composition of the 2009 competition jury: the Alderman as chairman and representative of the organizer, the town administration, Ward Bohé, museum curator and Lu Boeykens as representatives of the International Exlibris Centre and the collection, Cathérine de Braeckeleer, Director of the La LouviEre Graphics Centre, Jack van Peer as representative from Graphia, Luc Van den Briele, exlibris specialist, a representative from the K.V.K.O.A.S., a representative from the Saint Nicholas Society, a number of neutral advising artists appointed by the board of burgomaster and aldermen.

Acceptance of the Rules and Results

8 By taking part in this competition, the participants accept all the conditions and requirements of these rules and all decisions taken by the jurors. No correspondence can be entered into about the outcome of the competition.

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